Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Thank You For Being a Friend

We've been talking quite a bit about being a good friend, and making good choices; about finding friends that make you happy and feel good about yourself. Mary curled up next to me, somewhat lost and a bit confused, and finding herself in a place where good friend choices seem to be more and more difficult. This, I thought, was a time to lead by example.

"Who are my friends? Who do you think is a good friend to me?", hoping to instigate a conversation about choosing people who make you feel happy.

Mary sat up, "Mom, what about Oliver's mom? She is nice, I like her, she'd be a good friend for you".

While we weren't really looking for a friend for me I appreciate the consideration. And she's right, Oliver's mom would never tell me I couldn't sit with her at lunch. I doubt she would call me stupid for not knowing that Jupiter was the biggest planet in the solar system and I feel confident that I would always be welcome to join in her game, or conversation, on the playground. Plus, I happen to know she is really good at math which is always a bonus when you are out to lunch and find yourself befuddled at tip time.

That's what friends are for, always looking out for you, even when you aren't asking for help.

Thanks for being my friend Mary; you are always welcome at my lunch table, as is Oliver's mom.

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Marion Williams-Bennett said...

Oh,these are the hard lessons. It's so hard to see our loves experience this evilness.

Still, there's nothing like a curling up with someone you love and talking about friendship to make things feel better.

You are a good friend. And a wonderful mother.


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