Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Kim Kardashian is Getting Divorced!

Kim Kardashian is getting divorced. This is big news; it's on the front page of the Huffington Post, CNN and Fox News. The Today Show found time this morning to probe the details and if you're like me, you simply cannot wait to see the cover People Magazine is working right now. Or you can, because if you're like me, you don't really know who Kim Kardashian is, and you just might not care that she is getting divorced if you didn't even know she got married.

To clarify, I know there is a Kardashian and I assume there must be more than one, given the amount of press devoted to anyone with this last name. In my one hour every so often, the one hour devoted wholly to mindless pursuit of People magazine while having my toes clipped, shined and polished, I am overwhelmed with all things Kardashian, a topic I find to be completely mindless yet exceedingly dull. It's not just my old reliable People, US Weekly and In Touch both seem to have nothing else to report. The Kardashian has forced me back to books while having a pedicure and that alone makes me just a tad bitter.

It appears that this wedding, the one that took place 73 days ago, cost about $10,000,000. You might agree that this is an enormous amount of money to spend on a wedding, a ridiculous amount even, which would still be ridiculous had it lasted 72 years rather than days. What is it that these people do to create such public interest in their grocery shopping habits? Not to mention their pregnancies, pets, wardrobe, hairstyles, eye makeup favorites and other intensely intellectual pursuits. Who are these people and why do we care so much about them and their "traditional" wedding?

In other People magazine news, Jessica Simpson is pregnant, but not married. It's been so hard, after the tragic divorce and countless breakups but now, finally, she's found true love and happiness, with her fiance, presumably also the father of her unborn child. My guess is that soon I will find myself bored, not with a Kardashian, but with updates on Jessica's growing baby bump, her diet woes, and her plans to put a hold on her upcoming nuptials. Maybe, months from now, People magazine will share pictures of her baby shower and then soon after, pictures of the bundle of joy created by Jessica and her fiance who will surely give their child the safe, loving and traditional home guaranteed by the presence of both a mother and a father.

It's not just Hollywood that is making the news. The Republican front runner in the 2012 presidential race was just revealed as a sexual harasser who paid off his accusers. He didn't do it, or he did but didn't know anything about it, or he did but didn't know just how far his staff had gone to quiet the mess. At any rate, he had no idea. He also supports a constitutional amendment to protect marriage between a man and a woman but apparently does not support the actual sanctity of marriage and those vows spoken 43 years ago, when he promised to honor and remain faithful to his female wife for the rest of his life. "Traditional families are the bedrock foundation of any healthy society", said Herman Cain in February of 2004.

On October 14th, Frederick Marvin, 91, and Ernst Schuh, 89, were married in Syracuse, New York, after a 52 year relationship. Unlike some they didn't jump headfirst into this marriage, these two men spent 52 years together before being allowed to promise to love each other for the rest of forever. It's unlikely they'll have children, given their ages, but I believe this marriage might last, at least longer than 72 days, I really hope so.

And there it is, the moral core of the country being worn away by same sex marriage, as predicted. Children raised by same sex couples being denied access to traditional loving homes, those non families, as defined by Michelle Bachmann. Maybe we should all have a 52 year waiting period before we get married, or maybe we should be grateful for those that give us hope that some things can last a lifetime, and you don't really need to spend a fortune and invite People magazine to make it real.

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