Thursday, October 20, 2011

A Book Riddle

Not Mommy or Daddy or even boo hoo
Her first words were saved for an animal,
That’s who!

She had lost him she thought
A tragic ordeal
She yelled, she went boneless, she let out a squeal.

As always it was
That Mommy knew best
And they all rushed back
Past the school, through the park, a little bird nest.

They looked high, they looked low
And found nothing soft and green
Until Daddy reached back further
To a place he had not before seen.

Trixie laughed, she screamed, they thought it was funny,
And then happily yelled out her first words,
“Knuffle Bunny!”

Knuffle Bunny, by Mo Willems, is one of Mary and Kate's favorite books. I wrote several book riddles as a game, to encourage them to listen and use clues to discover which of their favorite books I was describing.

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Marion Williams-Bennett said...

As always it was

That Mommy knew best...


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