Thursday, August 4, 2011

Eleanor and Lucy

The girls and I met a beagle named Lucy at the coffee shop last week. Eleanor Roosevelt the beagle offered Lucy the obligatory sniff and then sat back, quite uninterested. Lucy, a few years Eleanor's junior, tried again to engage the old gal again but with no luck.

To the kind woman walking Lucy, a few years my senior, I said "well it's really no surprise, given their history. I don't suppose we should expect them to be friends!" and laughed out loud at my own hilarity. The kind woman looked at me as if I were crazy and hastily made her exit.

Jack explained, "of course she didn't understand that. Had I not married you I would not get that joke at all. In fact I think the only other person we know who might find that funny is Jay". Recently we discovered that Jay, like me, has a favorite patriot. That alone convinced Jack that he can now outsource my need to blather on about presidential history. I've yet to run this witticism by Jay. Beagles, presidents, and romance, that is clearly can't miss humour.

I stand with you Eleanor; it certainly wasn't easy to just sit there while Lucy flaunted her younger more girlish self, her energy almost overpowering the patio, blatantly throwing her youth in your now graying long nose. That said, she seemed nice and really, not at all the kind to have a sordid affair. You just never know about people, or dogs, or just how big a geek I can be.

Lucy Mercer Rutherford


Marion Williams-Bennett said...

Brilliant! Oh, I stand in awe of your witty retort! It would have taken me maybe two, three days to come up with that! Love it!

And yes, you can't expect them to be friends. What a complex marriage, complex relationship. For the women, not the dogs.

The Fat Haus Frau said...

Got it right away! Hilarious! You are very witty...or I am just as big a geek as you are!


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