Monday, March 14, 2011

A Wrinkle In My Time

They stopped, right in the middle of the very congested aisle at Macy's. They stared. "Mom, what is this?", pointing madly at the picture of the woman above. I moved back and explained that this was an advertisement for a face cream, hoping that would allow us to keep moving. "But why does her face look like that?".

We are late, my two children are frozen, mesmerized by this photograph. I look like the pretreated face and I don't want to take the time to explain wrinkles and advertising and vanity.

At a certain age my grandmother considered a face lift as so many of her friends were getting tucked and tugged and tight. She asked my opinion. My response, as retold countless times to anyone willing to listen, "but Mimi, I love your wrinkles", evidence of my young charm and general love for anything having to do with my very wrinkled grandmother.

"Girls, this is a photograph that is here to try and encourage people to buy this cream, " and I took a step forward. "Why does her face look like that?", I backed up. "This company is showing us that their cream can help a person look younger, but they only used this cream on one side of her face, to show us the difference". Nodding, general understanding and finally a willingness to move on.

"MOM! Wait, don't you want to get some of that cream?"

We were indeed late, and I remain wrinkled.

Image courtesy of Origins Skincare

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Marion Williams-Bennett said...

I remember when my daughter was, maybe, 4 and she ran her finger over the deep crease between my eyes, the one that make me look like a hag, and said, "oh, Mommy, what happened?"



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