Saturday, February 12, 2011

Rant, Rave, Add, Subtract

Jack was out of town yesterday leaving me with the rare opportunity to get the girls to school on time, by myself. Can't be done he said, will be done I thought.

With 18 minutes before the bell, Mary and I stood at the door, coats on, backpacks stuffed, socks aligned. Kate was choosing a scarf. She needed to switch mittens, she couldn't find the hat she wanted, her sock was on backwards, her elbow itched. Hastily I made the necessary adjustments to Kate's wardrobe. Mary and I stepped jauntily down the stairs, Kate sauntered, taking in the beauty of the 6 degree morning.

My frustration was released mightily on the trip to school.

"We had 18 minutes Kate! 18! We never have 18 minutes, that's a record. We did it, we could have been on time, we could have been early. It is a 7 minute trip to school, do you know how much extra time you would have had this morning?"


The ranting continued.

"What is 18 minus 7? Anyone? 9!"


"Nine minutes of spare time, what would you have done with all that time? We'll never know, now we'll be lucky to be on time."


"I would hate for you to be tardy today, really. NINE minutes people!"


"Mom, that would actually have been 11 minutes of time, 18 minus 7 is 11, not 9".

Nothing stops a good rant like a good laugh.

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preppyplayer said...

When my children were little my husband thought he was the reason they got to school on time... I think he just liked to be a part of the madness in the morning.
love your blog, thanks for visiting mine :)
I see we like many of the same bloggers!


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