Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Like Her Father


It's been her standard answer for about two months. Kate, being a bit pragmatic, decided that the very best gift for her father at Christmas was underwear. But she never found any she liked; they weren't soft enough or the right color. Like her father, she is very particular. Christmas passed with nary a pair of underwear under the tree.

Thankfully Jack's birthday is just three weeks after Christmas. And again, when
people ask what she is getting her father for his birthday she screams,"underwear!". But Kate has rarely been a woman of one word, her response is more colorful and animated, going into great detail as to the hows and whys of this specific gift choice.

Edwin the doorman asked this week, "well you know I wanted to buy him underwear for Christmas but I never found any. So I am definitely getting him underwear for his birthday. Maybe green, maybe stripes, or I think I saw some with hearts on there, I think he would really like those." Edwin suggested, given the season, she consider some Chicago Bears themed underwear and Kate agreed, "great idea!".

Her teacher knows what Jack is getting for his birthday, as does the principal, the music teacher, my co-librarian, Mary's teacher, and most of her classmates. Like her father, she is pragmatic, particular and chatty.

Last night he unwrapped not one but four pairs of new underwear. It's hard to imagine but the girls were more excited than he was. Graciously he gushed; just what he needed, how did they know? Happy birthday Jack.

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