Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Four Hours

There are so many things I could accomplish with four hours of free time. I could get a massage, swim and have lunch with a friend, I could drive to Detroit, or Milwaukee and back, I could write about five pages in my never ending book, I could fly to Mexico and find a palapa or I could stand in a very crowded ballroom with 1,300 total strangers, shifting from one bad knee to the other, waiting patiently next to a very tall woman who had 20 to 30 cigarettes before she found the perfect spot right next to me, waiting to hear Bill Clinton speak.

Somewhere around the two hour mark I lost the shoes. Horrifying to my husband but it was a nice hotel, assumably clean and there was not a chance anyone could smell my feet over the fresh scent of recently inhaled tobacco. Dick Durbin, our favorite Senator, soon appeared and the loafers were slipped back on, respect trumping comfort.

The democrats were all there: Quinn, Giannoulis, Seals, Foster, Halvorson and Lt. Governor candidate Sheila Simon, who nabbed the choice spot next to the former President while Quinn and Giannoulis spoke. During applause breaks Clinton and Simon made small talk and the Lt. Governor spot grew infinitely more interesting, although, given her family history, she may have landed such a choice spot before.

He spoke for almost an hour, far longer than I expected, far beyond the perfunctory campaign stopover speech. There were no notes, in fact he didn't put on his old man reading glasses until the very end, when he needed to check specifics on candidates. He seemed older but still dynamic, articulate and incredibly well read and intelligent. It's clear he loves the adoration, and while he reminded the crowd several times that he was no longer a politician, it's a role he played for too long and too well to retire from completely. Not everyone agrees (40 happened a few years ago, I no longer need everyone to agree with me) but I find him dynamic and wildly ingenious. Also, I agree with him, generally, so that helps.

The old lady feet could have used some government sponsored pampering that afternoon, four hours, and a little bit more, is a really long time to stand in one small space (next to an odorific Democrat) but it was well worth the time.

Vote Tuesday, it's your privilege, and it only takes a few minutes, well worth the time.

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