Thursday, July 1, 2010

One Day Until Tomorrow

Perhaps you have heard, the uncles are coming. In fact today is Uncle Eve, we've been counting down all week. Today alone Mary and Kate told 12 people, I counted: dry cleaner, coffee shop lady, friend on Broadway, soccer coach, Mom at soccer, taxi driver, elevator attendant at Wrigley, peanut vendor at Wrigley, fireman, deli lady at Whole Foods, cashier at Walgreens, and finally, a truly crazy woman on the bus. The very same woman who said "they ain't twins!" and I said that yes, they were, as I tried to move them past, but not before she got in, "well what's wrong with that one?", pointing to the much shorter Mary. Mary looked up, smiled, and said "our uncles are coming!". Nothing wrong here, nothing that three days with the uncles can't fix, thank you.

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