Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Growth Chart

They are now amongst the oldest children on the playground. Where once I was following behind their tottering selves, I am now free to sit and watch, or make grocery lists, write. They play together, chasing around, and I caution them to be weary of the younger children, the ones with the nervous moms close behind. They push each other on the swings, a dangerous experiment, with no concept of height or physics they push wildly, sending the other soaring and twisting into outer space

Each summer they discover things that only eight months ago were too high, too scary, too out of reach. Kate can now scale the mini rock wall and Mary, en pointe, can reach the not quite so tall hanging bar. The consistency of the park serves as a growth chart far beyond notches on our kitchen wall; bravery, comfort and confidence are all noted on the playground, far more telling than the inch or two that Kate grew this past year.

Where once they hesitated they now charge off without a look behind, racing to swings and slides and perilous climbing situations. But I'm here, watching, if they might need a push or place to fall, as I need to be, for years to come.

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