Sunday, June 27, 2010

In the Name of Love

Mary has decided to name her first born Laura. Mary is five and unaware that I decided to name her Mary about five minutes before she was born.

Kate: Mom has a friend named Laura.
Mary: Who? I don't know her.

Kate then reported in full detail about the time they met my friend Laura and gave a complete and accurate description of her, including specifics about her partner, Candace. Bells then rang out for Mary,

Mary: I remember! Is she married to that lady?
Me: Not now, but they are thinking about getting married.
Kate: Will there be a wedding? Can we go?
Me: Maybe, but they live in New Mexico. I would love to take you there.
Mary: We would love to go to New Mexico!
Me: And they have two babies.
Kate: Why do they have babies if they aren't married?

Thankfully having two children outside the bonds of marriage is the only part of this conversation that didn't make sense to my children. As we celebrate Pride in Chicago today, I couldn't be more proud of my girls.

And those other girls, Laura and Candace, who I'm proud to call my friends.


Margo said...

So awesome. I teared up a little! Loved this so much!

northsidefour said...

Thank you M! Now they must meet you!

Candace said...

Yay! My babies are older than them...but I think they would have the best time tearing up our new house!


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