Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Comfortable Memoires

My cousin and her family spent Memorial Day with us, as did my sister, bringing the total to five adults and four children, all inside thanks to a day long rain that halted most, but not all, of our outdoor plans.

Always a nice reminder, the ease of family and the lack of pretense involved when they come to spend the day. I cook, nothing extravagant, in fact yesterday I cooked the entire life out of a pot of potatoes, deciding to pick up the playroom while they steamed. But rather than rush out to buy more I knew that both Katie and Ashley would arrive with delicious food and not be at all bothered by the potato mush I would serve them. The mush, tossed with arugula, stood bravely by as delicious orzo with asparagus and tortellini with feta stepped up to offer a non cooked beyond recognition side dish option.

I'm happiest with people who know where we keep the water glasses, and don't feel the need to ask if they might use one. Help yourself, there is nothing we don't use, no towels only for display.

As Mary ran screaming into the kitchen, her younger cousin Liam in hot pursuit, wildly waving a golf club, Kate announced "MOM! I stepped in goat cheese!", and in that moment I thought just how much our grandmother would enjoy this madness. And that, for me, was the perfect Memorial Day.

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Anonymous said...

The potatoes were delicious! You must stop lamenting. Mimi would have loved it! And she did.


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