Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Final Boom

As one loathe to admit that I watch television, preferring rather to complain about the truly horrid programming now available, I am not taking the loss of Law & Order well. We've been together for twenty years, this quick and hasty departure is leaving me lonely.

Twenty years ago things looked a bit different; recently out of college and living on my own, Law & Order was the thing I came home to on Wednesday nights. The phone would ring after the final boom, my father eager to discuss the crime, the twists, the prosecution. When the phone stopped ringing, now almost eight years ago, Law & Order remained constant, but a sad reminder that my dad was no longer available on the other end of the line.

Law & Order has always been my sick day companion, the thing I like most when relegated to the sofa, box of tissues nearby, kerchoo. It's my rainy day treat, my exhausted at the end of the day respite and my old shoe. Logan, Lenny, Ed, L.T., and Lupo, I have loved them all.

Boom boom.

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