Monday, May 17, 2010

Ahoy Cubbies!

The Cubs can't beat the Pirates? Or at least they have a very difficult time trying? 5-1 this year, the only win thus far coming yesterday, a one run salvation. Interesting, overall they lead the series; from 2000 through 2009 the record stood at 95-66, Cubs in front. But now, they just can't win.

Clearly I'm no expert, having managed very few major league baseball teams over the years, but really, maybe putting a statue of a pirate in front of the stadium was just not a great idea.

Harry, The Pirate and Ernie, sounds like a Sesame Street segment, not the lineup outside one of the most revered ball parks in the country. Even my children know, Mary suggested yesterday that we sneak down and steal the pirate, late at night when no one would see us. My five year old understands, there are no pirates in baseball, or at least there shouldn't be, not at Wrigley Field.

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