Thursday, March 4, 2010

Take Your Shot

"I'm leaving you."
"Can't hear you dear."
"I'm leaving you."

I poked my head out from the shower, "what's that?".

"I've just heard on the news that Halle Berry and her husband are getting divorced and, well, I've got to take my shot".

"Right then, best of luck" and I finished my shower.

He came home that night, and has every night for the past 7 years, generally. The usual cause of any absence being the Cubs or the Bulls, and not once, to my knowledge, Halle Berry. But he took his shot, whatever that may have been. I didn't ask, and I'm fairly certain he didn't get to Los Angeles and back during his banker hours workday but I find his spirit impressive.

For my part it's always been Bill Murray, which bothers my husband terribly. Maybe I see his point, he'd leave me for Halle Berry, who wouldn't? But if Bill Murray called I'd toss all of this for a man who recently wore plaid shorts and furry snow boots on Letterman?

About as likely as Jack taking his shot, but I applaud his effort.


Anonymous said...

Al- didn't it used to be John Denver? But I guess since he is dead you've moved on to Bill?

northsidefour said...

John Denver was a friendly love, but for romance, it's always been Bill. Who wouldn't agree?


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