Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Kate Fell Down and Broke Her Crown

An email to my friend Tracy:

Jack is at the ER with Kate. She fell around four, chasing the dog, of course, and slammed her head into the floor. She then went straight to bed, threw up twice, and didn't move for at least two hours. The large bump on the back of her head said call the doctor, and the doctor said, ER.

I'm not so good staying home when one of my children is in the Emergency Room. I did though, in case you were worried, put a little bottle of hand sanitizer in her pocket. Have you any idea how many sick children there are in an emergency room?


An email to Jack:

It's been thirty minutes. Is she alright? Is she exhausted? Are there lots of sick people around? Can she rest? Did they tell you how long? Please email me when you can, and please hug her plenty. She is scared more than she lets on, you know?

Kate is fine, today.

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