Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Politics as Usual

It's election day in Illinois and I am giddy. The political process in action, the opportunity for change, the end of the barrage of campaign phone calls, all cause for celebration. Candidate Jim Madigan called me four times on Sunday, each time with a message even more important than the one left previously. Finally Jack called him back, just to say thanks so much for calling and to please not call again. He called three times on Monday. I fear what might happen if we vote this man into office, Hey Allyson, Jim Madigan here, what's for dinner tonight?

It got so bad the Republicans started calling me. Surely there is a file somewhere which is, courtesy of the Patriot Act, accessible to just about anyone, that reads: this woman has never voted Republican in her life and, based on purchases made the last six months at the neighborhood Whole Foods, never will.

The girls and I voted on the way home from school. We've spoken, now, please stop calling. And Jim, pasta with broccoli and walnuts, if you're still interested.


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