Monday, February 8, 2010

Adult Content

"Ally...Ally, have you talked to an adult today?", my former college roommate interrupted me.

In fact I had not.

That's not true, I did speak to the woman who gave me my tea. Thankfully there was no one in line behind me, and the children were quite happy with their muffins, so I gave her a complete answer when she asked about Mary and Kate's hats.

"Whole Foods, I bought them at Whole Foods, probably two years ago. But you know, just recently I saw them, hmm, I think it was the one on North, the new one. I hadn't seen them in some time, maybe it's because they are new, the store, not the hats! Anyway they are just great hats, and they are lined so no issues, warm and soft, the girls never take them off. You know, I don't know if they come in adult sizes, I didn't check, but you could, sure, you could stop by and see if they have your size. Maybe I will too! Everyone loves them, maybe I need one also. But you know, would I really wear it? I mean, it's cute but is it right for me, should I really have a blue bear looking thing on my head? Is that what I am saying? I actually just bought a new hat, I was in New York last week, without the girls, oh is that hard, but I stumbled across a wonderful sale and bought a lovely black cashmere hat, really! Talk about not scratching, it's soft and warm and probably just better for me all around than a blue bear, but they are cute, no getting away from that. "

The 20 year old college student who works part time at my neighborhood coffee shop, the same one who once thought she wanted to have children, and a blue bear hat, was wishing she had never asked.

You see, yes, I do talk to adults.

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Rob Marvin MD said...

Did her opaque eyes not signal an alert?

You, yourself, used to glaze over occasionally when I was blathering on -- and I knew full well you had left the room -- metaphorically -- making a mental grocery list or reminding yourself not to ever invite me to Egg Day again.

"How are you doing?"

"Peachy," is now my safe,standard reply.


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