Tuesday, January 19, 2010

In Love and War

I will never stop being your best friend, and you will never stop being my best friend, right? I love you Mary.

Kate, May 2009

Beyond the obvious sweet nature of this quote (which I immediately jotted down in my always with me notebook), I include it as a reminder to myself that these two do actually like each other. On the days when I spend most of my waking hours refereeing arguments, because it is very important to know who exactly who put the final piece on the Tinker Toy microphone, which tumbled the entire thing, I find that a little friendly reminder of genuine affection is necessary to our well being. We are deep into the tattle days, when running from one end of the apartment to the other to relay vital information, such as "KATE TOUCHED THE RADIATOR", is considered a worthy use of time. Noting that on one wonderful, and oddly warm, May day they were actually affectionate and kind, it's refreshing, and sanity redeeming.

Summer loving is but a few cold months away. Until then I will continue to wear my stripes, because it does matter who was able to fling themselves the furthest from the bean bag to the sofa, it really does.

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MaryO said...

yep - i'm 'wearing stripes' over at Greenview too..great article.


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