Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Taking My Days

In a panic that I am now spending more time documenting my life than living it, I am taking a vacation. Until Monday, when I hand the girls over, once again, to school. That bit about Mom and Dad being ready for school to start again, no, not me. They drive me crazy, to be certain, but I am loving my lazy days with them and realizing how much I miss them when they are gone. Painfully aware that this is their only five year old Christmas, I hang on every bit, and genuinely ache at the thought of wrapping up and moving on. Of course I am every bit ready to get that dead tree out of my living room, it's quite droopy and woefully sad, not to mention completely overwhelmed with ornaments, but that is another story, in every way. And so we set off to enjoy the last four days of winter break, and to ready ourselves for six more long months of waking up far too early, and going to bed when it is still light out, but for now, it's still Christmas, the girls are still mine every day, and that I savor.

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