Thursday, August 13, 2009

What's In A Name?

Last week, on soccer day, we were flying a kite on the beach across our small pond, so today we had make up soccer day, new coaches, new team mates.

New Coach: Do you go by Kate or Katie?

Kate: Well my name is really Katherine, since you asked. But I am usually called Kate, unless I am in trouble and then Mom calls me Katherine. And if it's really big trouble, then Katherine Dineen, but that is usually Dad. I have an aunt who is a Katherine but we call her Katie, well Aunt Katie really, and my other aunt was Katherine and they called her Teetee, but she died before I was born. Our dog is named Eleanor but her real name is Eleanor Roosevelt. We call her Rosie, or Mrs. Roosevelt, or sometimes Eleanor. My sister's name is Mary, just Mary, she doesn't have a nickname, it's always just Mary.

New Coach: So Kate?

Kate: That will be fine.


scottmontgomery said...

Hilarious -she kills me

Your photos are impressive by the way.

OJS said...

Can't wait for the kindergarten teacher to ask her favorite color or number...


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