Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Tea Time

The Lisa's are an amazing group, an architect, a singer and a milliner, all creative sorts who impress me still with their genuine talent. The architect restores beautiful old houses, the singer serenades the Detroit area from the musical theatre stage, and the milliner creates art for your head, the most incredible hats you have ever seen.

Several times during the year the milliner and her friends, the hat ladies, display their dazzling head toppers at a tea, held this past Friday at The Peninsula Hotel. Lovely! With our friend Lizzie, the ladies and I, dressed in our tea finest (but sans chapeus), enjoyed the Earl Grey, the cucumber sandwiches, the scones, the sweets and the hats, the absolutely spectacular hats! Of course several had to be tried on, four chocolate smeared hands reaching eagerly toward a long table of milliner art work full of feathers and bows and flowers, none requiring a quick last minute addition of brownie residue. Lisa graciously settled several options on the wee heads, delighting two of her greatest fans. Mary and Kate promptly worked the room from beneath the brim of one ineffable hat after another.

Lisa the architect sends them floor plans for coloring, Lisa the singer encourages their slightly off tune warbling and Lisa the milliner shares her creations without hesitation. Their mother, who can't draw, sings painfully and has no idea how to sew on a button, is forever grateful for the three Lisa's, friends every little girl, and grown up mom, are lucky to have.


Farrell said...

I couldn't have asked for more beautiful models!

northsidefour said...

You are a lovely one!

Lisa Marie said...

I LOVE being one of your Lisa's! And the girls have the voices of angels!


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