Thursday, May 14, 2009

Thirteen Years

Blue Cross is currently running a commercial in the Chicago area where a mother and father take Junior off to college, help him set up his room and then leave. Certainly the point here is that Blue Cross is ready and willing to provide the health care that Mom will surely need after surviving this great loss, that they will stand by her as she has a skin graft on her fingers, worn to the bone after clinging desperately to the column in front of Junior's building, her husband digging in, pulling at her waist as her son saunters off to the union with his new friends.

No, Mom and Dad hugged the little one and walked off, Mom turned, flashed a knowing smile (he'll never survive without me) and they made their way to the wagon, a wagon they will soon lose en lieu of a sporty red number. Her hair did not fall out, she did not collapse, not one piece of this woman had to be forcibly removed from campus, she left with all her limbs and apparently a good chunk of her dignity.

"You do understand that I'll have to do this twice, twice in perhaps one week?", and then it began, the insane crying. My ever supportive husband reached over, "you do understand that they will quite likely go to different schools, and those schools may start at the same time. You may have to pick one, and I'll take the other. You may not be able to take them both to school".

Maybe it's best to put off kindergarten for a year. Why rush? They have their whole life to be in school, let's take this slowly.


amy said...

Yes. It is insane. You aren't!!! Wish I could help. Pull up some research in twins in school. My friends who are in education and have twins are all putting them in the same class. It is so hard to let our kids go into the crazy world and just sit back and think "that isn't right for them but oh well." Personally, I can't do that and have to fight and/or slam my head against the brick wall. My oldest is in kindergarten this year. It's going to be a long haul... Thanks for letting me know that I'm not alone with the princess crap. My first daughter didn't know at her three year old check up that she was a girl because I never made a point of it. Now she loves Star Wars and playing with boys. I didn't get reading someone's blog until I read yours. That's a compliment in case you missed it. You are very talented.

northsidefour said...

Thank you, for the compliment, and the advice. The princess idea, it's crazy, and so overdone. We have tutus, that's sufficient.

And now we are looking at a kindergarten with only one class, decision made for us!


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