Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Virtual Reunion

On the occasion of my 20th high school reunion I was 500 miles away, eight months pregnant with twins and relatively immobile. Not a problem, at my 10 year reunion I found that little had changed; for the most part people remained in their familiar roles, no great surprises. I longed to find that the girl who wet her pants in second grade was a U. S. Senator, no such luck. My next reunion trip would be not until sufficient time had passed to allow some of my anticipated changes to materialize.

And then I stumbled upon Facebook, as did a good portion of my high school graduating class. Thirty years ago I could not imagine a day going by without knowing exactly where these people were and what they were doing. From my virtual viewpoint I don't have to, although I remain a wallflower at this Facebook dance, watching them all interact from a distance I was not interested in finding in high school. Yet again I am pressed to the wall during the snowball at Coachlight Skate Center, but this is so much better. These people meant the world to me at one point in my life, how happy I am to be peeking back in on all of them.

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