Friday, April 17, 2009

Is That You Easter Bunny?

Thorough inspection of the Easter bunny costume was Mary's order for the day Sunday. Her suspicions only fueled by seeing a large white rabbit hailing a taxi on Clark Street, "MOM, DAD, did you see that? The Easter bunny was getting a taxi, where is he going?". We suggested that quite likely he was on the way to brunch, to meet us. They checked every taxi between the sighting and our arrival, but saw not one bunny sitting in the backseat, en route to brunch. Of course he beat us and was there in the dining room when we arrived.

Delight overcame suspicion, fear left behind about two years ago, and he arrived at our table with a small basket of chocolate bunnies, bringing great joy and squeals to two very excited girls. They jumped up in their seats, thanked him for the Easter baskets they found at home that morning, and wrapped their tiny arms around his huge rabbit body in great hugs. Jack and I squealed as well, the great rabbit controversy had passed, this was the Easter bunny, of course.

Mary turned and watched him as he walked to the next table, "Did you guys see his feet? Huge. And there was a line at the bottom of his leg, by his foot. Yep, I think that's a costume".

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