Monday, February 9, 2009

These Are a Few of Our Favorite Things

At dinner last weekend we played the recently received in my inbox game, what are your top three favorite things to eat. Sitting in a BBQ restaurant to celebrate, belatedly, Jack's birthday, I was certain burnt ends would make his list. Wrong, we live too far from Kansas City, too far from Florence, too far from Kinsale, and so the rule became favorite things to eat in Chicago.

1. Hot Pepper Noodle with chicken from Penny's,
2. Dynamite roll at Katachi,
3. Bone in filet at Joe's Seafood (NOT Joe's Crabshack).

1. Gnocchi at Fornello,
2. Avocado roll at Katachi,
3. Grilled cheese, at home.

1. Guacamole from Mr. Salsa,
2. Quesadilla from Mr. Salsa,
3. Asparagus roll at Katachi.

1. Penne broccoli at Basil Leaf,
2. San Francisco roll at Katachi,
3. Bun from Hai Yen.

We learned a few things, we all really like Katachi, and Mr. Salsa, although none as much as Kate, and with the exception of the bone in filet, we all like really cheap food. Maybe we need to branch out a bit, try something new, although old habits are hard to break. With all the food I cook, the hours I spend in the kitchen, the only thing coming from that kitchen that was even mentioned, grilled cheese. Jack made an slight reference to vinaigrette but jumped in with the filet, knocking me off his list effortlessly.

Next up, favorite dining experiences, worldwide.

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Anonymous said...

where did katachi go? i'm sad. anytime "fusion" is in the name, i am skeptical...


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