Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Winter Camp

My always witty husband believes that I equate this

with camping. Perhaps, but I can be quite rugged, when necessary. Just this past weekend we went camping, the four of us. It was a cold and snowy night but we were determined, the girls eager to sleep in their brand new Christmas gift sleeping bags. We lit a fire, popped corn over the open flames, and huddled together to stay warm. We made s'mores and drank hot cocoa, told really scary ghost stories, and stretched out around the campfire for the night.

And then the buzzer rang and the pizza man appeared, in our living room.

Camping yes, but reasonable. And who did the most grimacing? The seasoned camper, the one who claims to have eaten beans cooked in the can over a campfire, ick, the one who has actually spent a night in a tent, outside. I found the evening delightful. There will be no shrink wrapped plastic cups offered to our guests, camping here is much more refined.

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