Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Milk The Cow

It started snowing this morning, it's still snowing now. 1-2 inches said Jerry Taft the weatherman, I think that happened by noon, we are buried in a winter wonderland. Mary, Kate and I chose this afternoon, after school, to do some holiday shopping, in the car, bad move. Chugging along, up Clark street, a 45 minute trip that usually takes less than 10, I said to the girls, "who thinks they would like to live on a farm?". Their response, and please read in a British accent, as that is the only way my children, Jane and Michael Banks speak:

Mary: No thank you.
Kate: Hard work, too much hard work.
Mary: But I know how to milk a cow. You squeeze their bum and milk comes out.
Kate: Of their bum?
Mary: Yes, but it's stinky so you have to put it in the oven.

Right then, farming, out.

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