Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Isn't It Ironic

Late Saturday, after the last guest was gone, the girls in bed, Jack and the remains of the cheese board slung over the couch, I went to work with my germ killer spray, top to bottom, covered the entire place. We have wonderful friends, and they, wonderful children, but at this point I see every one of them as a germ vessel, small bundles of goodness and love sharing germs and hugs from one to another. We lived with sick children last year at this time, I can't do it again. And so, despite the protests of my semi gin soaked husband, I made my rounds, doing my best to scrub us, setting us free from the confines of the holiday sick.

Monday morning I woke up achy and congested, full of holiday ill. Of course, my penance for insanity, as I well know. Thankfully the rest of the crew seems to be fine, having escaped my madness. Embrace it says my friend Megan, embrace it I am. Achoo!

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