Thursday, December 11, 2008

Honesty, Such a Lovely Word

Honesty, we try every day to instill in our children just how much we value honesty. We are honest with them and ask that they be honest with us. It seems to be working. Saturday night Santa had a great deal of time to spend talking with Mary and Kate as they stood in front of him for at least 15 minutes, in awe. They showed him their stockings, asked about Mrs. Claus and the reindeer and gave him a short list of things they would like to find under the tree Christmas morning. For Kate, a yo-yo. That's it, she only asked for a yo-yo. Mary shot a bit higher with her request for a guitar AND a piano. Hard to shoot down this budding musician but we must find the balance between parental sanity and great musical aspiration.

Santa then fired off the one question every child must dread, "Have you been good this year?". And Mary's response? "Yes, but not always, sometimes I am very good and sometimes I just don't listen at all."

Santa suggested to Mary that perhaps she should "work this out".

Oh dear, a good deal of talking about the virtues of honesty in reference to Santa. I believe.

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