Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Remember in junior high, the girls who would doodle their names as married; Wendy Fulsom doodled Mrs. Micheal Leland, Wendy and Mike Leland, Mr. and Mrs. Michael Leland? That was not me, not so many boys for doodling and an underground need to stick with my name my whole life kept my left border relatively doodle free. Not so today, I've been wandering around all day, in the shower, at the girls' doctor appointment, at the coffee shop, saying PRESIDENT OBAMA, THE PRESIDENT AND MRS. OBAMA, PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA. My husband rolls his eyes, horribly embarrased by his emotional and geeky wife who cannot get enough, cannot get past this amazing feeling, cannot find the humility to stop talking out loud.

Two years ago I was skeptical, afraid that there were just too many people who would be afraid to vote for someone with a name so different from what has come before; as a nation we like to vote Williams and Georges and James and Johns into this office, not Hillarys and not Baracks. I was wrong! Wonderfully and completely wrong!

And when I peeked in on my sleeping children last night, I felt a little bit of hope, and real joy as to what this might mean for them. I am so very thankful.


Sarah said...

oh, we must find Mr. Michael Leland soon.....he needs to be on FACEBOOK! Wendy too- i love hearing all the old names- thanks for giving me one last smile before bedtime!

ally said...

And I thought I was being sneaky, misspelling and using middle names, I should have known you would see through my charade. Michael Leland? I have no idea!


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