Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Missing my Politics

Let's talk politics for just a bit, because I had so much to say over the weekend but couldn't, it was birthday weekend at our house, my ranting and raving saved for the husband.

First, I could really care less if Miss Alaska's daughter is pregnant. That's not true, I have a million things to say but I find most of them to be less relevant than her nomination. What I do care about is Miss Alaska herself and what I consider the insult by Senator McCain and his crew in sticking in a woman in this spot to draw the Hillary vote. While I was woo'd by the idea of a woman President, I supported Hillary Clinton not because of her sex but because of her politics. If there was an assumption that women would jump ship only to elect a woman, we should all be insulted at this surface level understanding of what makes women vote. We have been blamed for the Warren Harding administration, that should be enough.

You know, the republicans tried this once before. Long ago, in a race for a senate seat in Illinois, the republicans stuck in a candidate, clearly aimed at appeasing voters on a most superficial level. The democratic candidate was black, the original republican white, and then the republican got caught in a sex scandal, of sorts, and had to step down. So the state republicans got together and selected a substitute candidate, and you know who they picked, a black man. An over the top conservative black man who had never lived in Illinois, thinking maybe that all we really wanted was to vote for a black man. And guess what, he lost and Barack Obama won.

Here's a reason to vote for Barack Obama, he is skipping a trip to the Gulf Coast as he understands what must be done to secure his time there, and he knows those resources are better suited to helping those in need.

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