Thursday, August 28, 2008

Re: Hot

Here's what I found in my inbox this morning:

OK, I still think Bill Clinton is hot.
I need help.

I do everything I can not to notice Hillary's hair or clothing choice and my friends point out that Bill is "still hot". I'm convinced that if I comment on Hillary's pantsuit I am taking away from the depth of her being there. If I note how Michelle Obama looked rather than what she said I am sticking her into the legions of first ladies who have been badgered about their looks, although what could you say about Michelle Obama?

Hillary's pantsuit was tangerine and shiny. Michelle Obama is beautiful, she has great hair but where were the pearls? And I thought Joe Biden needed a trim.

And while I am shelving all bits of political correctness, what is the story behind (or under) Miss Alaska's hair?

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