Saturday, August 16, 2008

Coming Home

Beautiful, right? And it's for sale, for about the same price as our 2 bedroom apartment in Chicago. But it's in Kansas City, in a wonderful neighborhood, but not where we live. I've been in a mad five day love affair with Kansas City. I grew up here, moved away many years ago, but love to come back, love to visit. And this trip has made me notice what a really wonderful city this is. You have to seek out the excitement a little more, like shopping at Filene's Basement versus Bloomingdale's, but there are so many things to find. Wonderful restaurants, beautiful parks, fountains, great shopping, it's all here, but sometimes hidden behind the mass produced fun that robs so many cities of their soul. Kansas City can get lost in the suburbs, but the city is vibrant and fun and full of colorful people and places. And this house! Driving around here, with wide boulevards lined with amazing brick homes, you really know this is a wonderful place to live.

But it's where I used to live. And while I love to visit, I know that living here would be hard. I'm a creature of habit, a lover of tradition, of things that used to be, and I could live my life looking around for what once was. I would eat every big dinner out at the Savoy because it was my Dad's favorite restaurant. And I know I'd drive by Mimi's club, always with a glance to the golf course to look for her chasing a ball around. Could I smuggle my children into the pool so they could swim in the same place I did? Maybe if they were still here, Mimi, my dad, Bopaw and Teetee and Oohooh, maybe then I could live this life, but my family is in Chicago, and so that is where I'll be. Maybe I had to move away to try something new. But I will always love this place, and I love to rediscover what an real gem it is.

These are my favorite places:

Food and Drink

The Peanut
Saigon 39
The Savoy
The Better Cheddar
Arthur Bryant's
The Grill at MHCC
The City Market (amazing, why don't I read about this place in Saveur?)


Pryde's of Westport
Suzanne Cooper Antiques (she was closed when I stopped by this trip)
The Reading Reptile
The museum shop at the Nelson Atkins
Mission Road Antique Mall
Nell Hill's
Sheehan's Irish Imports

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