Thursday, July 3, 2008

No Holiday for Kate, or Eleanor

Our Independence Day tradition, and we can call it that because we have done this for the past three years, is to have dinner at the University Club on the 3rd, watch the fireworks over the lake from inside (where it is quiet) and then spend the night in a hotel downtown. We keep the girls up much past their 8pm bedtime, feel wild and crazy, and enjoy the madness of the Taste of Chicago and fireworks from many floors above the bedlam. It's quite civil. Last year, right as the fireworks started, Mary threw up on the table, in my lap and wherever she could find a spot. They dim the lights in the dining room so the whole thing was quite private, save the smell (sorry for that). That was not going to happen this year, oh not it was not, once is quite enough thank you.

Yesterday Kate did not feel well. I thought she got overheated at soccer and assured myself that she would bounce back once we got home to the cool air. By 3:00 her temperature was in the 102 range. She did not move after that, curled up in a ball for the remainder of the day, clutching a bowl, certain that she was going to "spit up". We were up from 2 to 4am with her, just a sad little one, not feeling well and most concerned with vomit. She woke up today and just as we had not hoped, not at all better. Back to her ball position on the couch, where she is now. Motrim can break the fever but it does not seem to do anything for the ick, and the ick clearly does not know this is our holiday night. So I have canceled our plans, although I have to have a note from her doctor to get out of the hotel (maybe I should just take her down and let her spend some time with the people at the front desk), and home we will be tonight, listening to the fireworks from our family room. It's probably best, Eleanor Roosevelt, patriot that she is, is terrified of fireworks.

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