Saturday, July 26, 2008

Friday at Montrose Beach

Here's what I saw at the beach yesterday:

Synchronized swimming, Chicago 2016? Not old enough.

This is new. Chicago, the last place on earth I thought this might happen, went NO SMOKING, at the first of the year. Let's be clear, the sign is there but people were smoking everywhere. The beach? It's pretty nice, in theory, to be sitting on the beach smelling the lovely Chicago beach smell without cigarette smoke. Politically I'm not sure I agree with the no smoking thing but breathing wise, I'm in heaven. Of course in the summer our favorite place to be is outside with all the exiles from bars and restaurants. Apparently you can't smoke in a restaurant but smoking on the restaurant's patio is dandy.

And while discussing smells and eating outside, this guy was making tacos on the beach. That's a three cart setup he's got and he pulled it all over the beach until someone stopped him. And then the crowds lined up, everywhere. You can also find, surrounding the soccer fields just outside the beach, families selling tamales, tacos, gorditas, elotes, quesadillas and mangos, and, if you talk to the right people, Coronas.

We love our beach.

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