Wednesday, July 23, 2008

French Silk Pie

What kind of pie do the girls like? Pardon me? Pie, if they were going to eat pie, what would they like? Alright, apple maybe, or peach, there's always blueberry, they'd like any of those. No, those are the pies you would like them to like, would they like, French Silk?

We are going to Kansas City in a few weeks where we will stay at Uncle Kenny's house, a perfectly decorated and organized home that will in no time be turned upside down and sideways. And I fully expect part of the madness to be his doing, I get the impression that I may find as many toys there as Mary and Kate have in their own home. Although primarily he is excited to feed them. He's asked for a list from me, of food they eat, so that he may have things on hand. So kind, so thoughtful. Here's my list:

1. Organic skim milk
2. Berries of some sort
3. Organic eggs
4. Bananas
5. Raisins

Here's what I expect to find waiting for us:

1. Chocolate milk
2. Oreos
3. Cookie Dough ice cream
4. Pillsbury rolled up cookie dough
5. Chocolate chocolate frozen pop things

Mary and Kate may never want to leave, this could be like a trip to see Willy Wonka, and staying in his home. I'm a bit of a food freak, admittedly. I made all their baby food, pureed everything from start to finish. I cook dinner almost every night where we sit and eat together, the four of us. They don't order from the children's menu, anywhere, as I find it to be almost exclusively garbage. They enjoy quite a repertoire of food, and are quite willing to try new things with very little encouragement. Tonight they had hummus and tapenade with pita. I am not opposed to sweets, but I am horrified by processed and preserved and scary food'ish things that are routinely offered to children. Food must look like food, unless we are at Uncle Kenny's where apparently food will look like chocolate pudding in a pie shell. What is French Silk Pie anyway?

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